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The shoulder has a highly unique and complex anatomy. As a result, it has the greatest range of motion, but the least stability. So the shoulder is highly susceptible to strain, repetitive injury, and aging. The basis of effective treatment and resolution is early diagnosis. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the less amenable the injury will be to nonsurgical treatments. This means if you’ve got shoulder pain, it’s best to make an appointment right away.

Some causes of shoulder pain include:

● Arthritis.● Bone Spurs.● Broken shoulder or arm bone.● Bursitis.● Dislocated shoulder.● Frozen shoulder.● Heart attack.● Overuse.● Pinched nerve.● Repetitive use injury.● Spinal cord injury.● Swollen tendons.● Torn cartilage.● Torn rotator cuff.
Neck pain can also occur as referred pain, meaning as a result of an injury on another location of your body. For instance, the neck or biceps. However, referred pain usually doesn’t get worse when you move your shoulder.
At New Life., we explore every avenue to discover the underlying cause of your shoulder pain. Consequently, we undertake a holistic and thorough assessment to review symptoms, diet, activity levels, types of regular exercise, previous injuries, and family history in order to determine appropriate treatment.

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